Answers to Common Questions about myTeam

General Questions

1What sports can I use myTeam for?
myTeam has presets with a scoring system and statistics for the following sports: myTeam is powerful to be customized for any team or individual sport. myTeam allows you to create custom scoring formulas and and player statistics for anything you can imagine.
2Is the website mobile friendly?
Absolutely. Your team website is fully responsive and will look fantastic on desktop, phone, and tablets.
3Do you have a sample team website?
Visit out example team website for the Penguins - a premier soccer team at We have a complete set of information for a team including a schedule with several competitions, seasons, rosters, venues, and a blog.
4Can visitors sync calendars with the team schedule?
Yes. For every Event Calendar for you team, you can provide hyperlinks so parents, players, and staff can sync calendars with Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook. Visit an example at
5Can the myTeam website integrate with social media?
Yes. It is easy to post your site content directly to your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Share news, photos, or videos with all your fans & followers.

Managing Team Data

1How should I organize “Competitions”?
A “competition” is defined in myTeam as a group of teams. So whether your sport competes in leagues, divisions, counties, or any other term used, these should all be considered competitions. Competitions can be organized into a hierarchy. As you get started with myTeam, we’ll be happy to consult with you to evaluate your circumstances and organized competitions. Once set up, it’s easy to create additional ones. We even plan ahead for your team moving up in age brackets and divisions, such as in soccer U12, U13, etc or football from Division 2 to Division 1.
2What player statistics can I track for my team(s)?
You can track an unlimited number of statistics. myTeam makes it easy to keep track of each player's performance. When an event is complete, each event has a table listing all players in rows with columns for each statistic. All the information can be quickly edited on one page. Optional - each player can have a profile page with their historical statistics for seasons and career. Teams can have an all-time "Hall of Fame" tracking all historical player stats for the team's entire history. myTeam also includes the ability to create any custom statistic and use formulas.
3How should I organize "Seasons"?
Season are a official time period for a competition. Like competitions, a hierarchy of seasons and sub-seasons can be created. For example, a season for 2016 could be created with two sub-seasons, "Spring" and "Fall".
4What is a "Venue"?
A venue is defined as an event location. Examples are baseball parks, soccer fields, football stadiums, schools, recreation centers and basketball stadiums. When you create a venue, the address entered will automatically generate a Google Map for you.
5Can I import data into myTeam?
Yes! You can import Comma Separated Value (CSV) files for teams, players, and events. We can provide sample spreadsheets to you. These offer a way to efficiently and quickly load data into myTeam.
6How can I create an all-time statistics listing for my team?
You can easily present a "Record Board" or "Hall of Fame" for your team. Go to Players > Player Lists > Add New. Select the “Columns” for the statistics you want included. Then select the competition ("all"), season ("all"), and select your team from the drop-down menu. That’s it!
7How do I record results for events?
Select your Event from the Events list and select Edit. At the top of the page you can record the score - goals, points, and the winner/loser. In the player table, record the player statistics such as goals, assists, and saves. When you click Update, the results are automatically calculated into league and player list tables.

Managing Website Content

1Can I change the website design?
Yes! You can upload your own logo, and change the color scheme. You have full control over the pages/subpages you want in your menu. You can also have a sidebar or sidebar on any page. If you need a fully-customized website, we can implement any WordPress theme. We offer two highly popular themes - Avada and BeTheme to our customers.
2What will the address (URL) of my website?
We utilize a subdomain system. You can use the name of your team, club or league for "name" such as:
3Can I upload documents, photos, and other files?
Yes, you can upload files with these file extensions: .jpg, .png., .gif, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx.
4Is a blog available for myTeam website?
Yes, each myTeam website can have a blog (optional). You can post recaps of games, team news, and coaching tips. You can organize your posts in any "categories" you wish. Blog posts can contain text, photos, and links to web pages or documents.
5Can I upload a custom background graphic for the header?
Yes. You can upload a .png, .jpg or .gif with dimensions 1000 width and 150 height. Header background images are optional.
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